Apr 19,2014
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Here’s our Tsukema Tsukeru dance cover at our J-Fashion show! I’m so happy to have been a part of this ;o; It was fun performing though also nerve wracking ><;

Apr 19,2014

Such an eventful week! Our JSA had a fashion show and I walked and performed Tsukema Tsukeru with my Tsukema Tsuke-crew :’D I made bows/bowties for everyone on the day of the show and I think they turned out pretty adorable!! >3<

Friday is our Anime Club’s School Festival! >3< We tried recreating a culture festival like they have in Japan, and I was running an Angry Pikachus booth~ Like Angry Birds… But Pikachus! And then my friends stole my phone and now they end up on tumblr :’D Sakiho and I also dressed up as Kikuro!! Those ears in the Angry Pikachus photo was supposed to be for that but I didn’t have enough time to finish them Q__Q

Mar 29,2014

"I did it! I captured the flag!"

So this is the number one reason why I appreciate the photos Majin Buchoy took of us so much AHA ;; We were such derps during the shoot and Aladdin’s braid kept falling off and our hats kept flying away (because that win was atrocious) BUT HE STILL MADE US LOOK AMAZING WOW. So yeah go like his page and stare at his beautiful photos!

Mar 29,2014

Magi at Anime Matsuri 2014

Aladdin - Hey Gurl Heichou Cosplayono-mono-pia
Sphintus Carmen - Cosplay Parfaitaleciel
Titus Alexius - Tsurupettan Cosplaymochicken
Scheherazade - Tsurupettan Cosplay / mishacchi

Photos by Majin Buchoy

Go support Majin Buchoy because he was so much fun to work with and his photos are absolutely amazing! >3< I still can’t believe he made us look so cool!!

Feb 18,2014

Cut my Kouha wig on Valentine’s Day ehehe ;; I wish he had braids on the side too… Long wigs are terrible (o`з’*)

Feb 3,2014

Really tentative list since these picture things aren’t working out so well huehuehue…

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Jan 24,2014

I never posted that one time we went to the eva screening on here. yooo look at my spiffy jacket it has pockets and i’m so proud of it.

Jan 24,2014

sketchy things which i may or may not finish ~__~ tengu hinata in some au where takeda-sensei can see yokai (you see that seiyuu joke i did there uhuhu) and karasuno is a group? clan? flock? of karasu tengu and yeah i like japanese folklore and mythology uwu;

Jan 22,2014

I love Titus and I need some cute Magi to counter that last chapter qwq

Jan 9,2014

i wanted to draw harurei but i didn’t want to finish uou; grow up haru-chan!!